Why Dogmanners?

Because each handler and dog is a unique team; we listen to your problem/situation/requirements and will work with you to achieve your goal. No one handler and dog are the same; we pride ourselves on treating all our clients as individuals; offering a bespoke service.

Our training and behaviourist methods are very black and white ~ clear cut to give a dog the understanding why it should possess manners. A dog does not understand a request, he has to have a command with timing, correct compulsion and of course praise.


Services We Offer

Are any of these issues below a problem to you?

Pulling on the lead
Jumping up
Running Away
Not coming back when called
Anxiety Separation
Growling when feeding your dog
Feeling embarrassed when walking your dog
Feeling unsafe to let your dog off the lead

Having problems at home?

We offer a home visit to assess the problem/situation first hand. As part of our training programme we feel it is vital having a clear understanding of your dog’s home environment. A dogs living environment can play a key part in its behaviour towards other dogs, household pets and of course 'you'.

Is walking your dog becoming an issue?

We would work with you when you are out walking your dog, the only real way to assess the behavior of your dog is to experience it first hand. A common problem we encounter is dog owners not being able to get their dog back when called, this clearly causes problems to you and others, Dogmanners give you the knowledge to cure this kind of problem. A lot can be grained from training your dog in real life situations.

Is your dog showing aggressive signs?

We have a number of solutions depending on the type and level of aggression your dog may have. An aggressive dog is a problem dog, no more so to yourself and your family but also to the general public. Any member of the public can report a dog if they feel it maybe aggressive or has shown an aggressive nature towards them.

Under the laws of the Dangerous Dogs Act any reported dog will be investigated, cases are taken very seriously and in sometimes can result in loss of ownership or even termination. Even if your dog is showing the faintest signs of aggression we recommend you act upon it. Dogmanners can help you and your dog before its too late, contact us today.

More information on the Dangerous Dogs Act can be found here.

Do you have a nervous dog?

There can be several reasons why a dog may exhibit nervousness - lack of early and ongoing socialization, lack of confidence due to an unpleasant experience or even an attack from another dog or animal. A nervous dog could seem pretty harmless but a nervous dog is more likely to feel threatened and therefore could lash out in defence causing numerous problems. A distressed dog can also to lead to large vet bills as an animal in this situation can make itself very ill. Dogmanners have first hand experience with nervous dogs and are highly trained to deal with these situations.

Need a professional dog training and obedience service you can rely on?
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