Success Stories

At Dogmanners we pride ourselves on success. To restore your faith in the partnership between you and your dog please read some of our recent 'inspiring' success stories.

Dogmanners would like to note that all our success stories are authentic; real and genuine based on facts from our handlers and their dogs

Kerry & Teddy

Highly recommend Dave, he came and helped us with our American Akita puppy. Dave was firm but kind and helped us not only with training but other questions we had and was always happy to help. We have continued to use the skills he taught us and it’s really made a difference in getting good results from our pup.

Deana & Louie - Little Hadham

Just to say many thanks with all your help with Louie. I can't believe what a difference it has made. He is now a pleasure to take out, no more worrying he's going to disappear and not come back for ages! I also think it has done him good as we seem to have bonded even more. I don't think I was making the most of his potential. He seems much happier looking at me as 'top dog' now.

Louise Stevens & Ringo - Hitchin

I have a very excitable Cocker Spaniel and was having trouble walking and controlling him.

After one hours tuition with David at my home I was fully able to control the dog and walking him became a pleasure, instead of a chore. Thanks David.

Louise & Dolly / Flossie - Hoddesdon

I have two dogs, a 2 year old Lab and a 7 month old Cavachon. David has helped me so much, my dogs listen to me and are well bahaved. His method in training dogs really makes sense. He really knows how dogs think. Its nice to know he’s there if i have any questions or worries. I am a much more confidante dog owner because of what he has taught me. Thanks David!

Chris Morgan & Buster - Ware

We called Dave after having our very excitable cockapoo Buster for around 9 months, he is a great dog but lacked discipline when walking on lead and following orders correctly!

Dave was with us an hour or so in that time he completely changed mine and Busters thinking on how to behave etc. He taught me with ease how to control the lead while walking and how to get him to respect me as his owner and follow my commands. Ever since that day Busters doe's not pull on the lead and is so much better with commands and directions!

I can't thank Dave enough for what he's done, he has given us the freedom to enjoy Buster fully without having to worry if he will run off or do something he shouldn't!!

Have you got a Dogmanners success story that you would love the share? If so, we would like to hear from you. Contact David or Carol at